Whether you’re a man or a woman, hair style is very important to your everyday look… and men may moan about women spending hours on their hair, but we’ve seen a lot of you blokes having a sneaky peak at your barnet in car and shop windows at any given moment!

The Quiff


Hair by Bensons

This attitude-infused hairstyle talks a lot about confidence, and its constant modern interpretations stand to further prove that the quiff manages to maintain its relevance amongst today’s most popular styles.

This is perfect for those with straight hair with a long fringe; the key is to smooth over the strands of hair and you need a lot of product. You don’t need particularly thick hair for this as you will create extra volume. A recommended product is Tigi’s Control Freak. Pull back your hair to begin the shape of the quiff; then you’ll need to blow dry the roots for the shape and to enhance the volume. Smooth over with some Creamy Moulding Wax to hold in place. You could trial different variations and part to one side. This hairstyle is a well groomed image and particularly for evening wear with a clean shaven face or with a stuble/beard



Hair by Bensons

Recently, red carpet regulars sported a new hairstyle: the undercut. The look—which features shorter length on the sides as compared to the top—has trickled down from the celebrities to regular style-commanding guys. Summer is near and people don’t like a lot of hair on the sides, Everyone from Kim Jong-un (yes, really) to Brad Pitt has adopted the hairstyle, proving it’s crossed national and style boundaries. Here’s how you can rock the look this summer.

For the Undercut hairstyle, the hair on the top is slicked either back or to the side at an angle (i.e. 45 degrees to the edge of the head where the hair is being parted from), and you can leave the hair to puff out a bit or have it flattened. Use a wide-tooth comb for the manipulation of the hairstyle if you have wavy hair whereas you can use a conventional comb if you have straight hair. If you part the hair on the top to the side, there will be some noticeable contrast with the hair on the sides of the head (this is a normal and expected effect of the Undercut).

Dry shampoo is an excellent hair styling products if you want the hair to puff out, while hair wax and hair gel is better suite if you want a more slicked, flatter Undercut style.