Holiday Hair Tips

Forget the hairdryer and make your summer simple but stylish! Arm yourself with products for the ultimate slept in texture that will keep your going for days.

Summer Hair

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Step 1 – Once you have washed and conditioned your hair using Wella Sun Hair and Body Shampoo and Conditioner comb it all through and put on plenty of Wella Oil Reflections to tame all the ends, then leave your hair for an hour or so depending on thickness and let the summer heat partially dry it for you.

Tip: Every other wash just condition for the ultimate tousled beach hair smothered in tanning oil and sea salt PLUS your shampoo will last longer!

Step 2 – Get plaiting! If you are lucky enough to be able to French plait your hair yourself then great, if not a simple plait is just as good for this look. If you are doing a simple plait you can always do one on top of your head to get the wave going right from the top to get the same effect as with a French plait.

Tip: Messy plaits are a huge fashion trend so if you’re a still sleeper you can always keep your plait in for the first day which is handy for those of us who aren’t perfectionists.

Step 3 – Whether this is your first or second night’s sleep with your plait, when you are getting ready remove your bands and tousle your hair using your fingers, if there are any strands that need a bit of extra help you can use the straighteners by rocking them back and forth down the hair.

Tip: The key is to make this look undone but well done

Tousled Waves

Tousled Waves – Click to view larger image

Step 4 – Use your TIGI Session Series Sea Salt Spray lightly to scrunch into the hair and tousle with your fingertips to finish off your look, you can also scrunch in a small amount of Wella Oil Reflections to eliminate some of the flyaway hairs Tip: To keep this look going for days, use TIGI Session Series Dry Shampoo or TIGI Bed Head Oh-beehive which will give you that extra little bit of lift. All of the hair products available on this page are available from Bensons Hair Salon

Other summer tips you may want to consider:

  • Try to avoid oils and shine sprays prior to going out in the sun, as this can cause more harm than good. The sun can cause the products to heat up and whilst good for keeping your hair moisturised whilst out of the sun, when you are in it can be very drying so try and stick to putting your products on of an evening
  • Luckily for us women there are so many nice summer hats around, so during the day keep your hat on as much as possible to protect your hair condition and colour