Get Rich Quick at Bensons this Autumn/Winter

        Burnt copper… Cinnamon… Caramel Blonde… Rustic Red…

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autumn-winter1Seasons are changing and so is your hair! It’s time to add some depth and tone to spice up your locks and enrich them with a temporary colour with Bensons Colour to Go™

Your skin maybe still bronze and tanned but the sun will not have been so kind to your hair…. Chlorine, excessive heat and exposure to UV rays will make for extremely dry and brittle hair, which will break your ends and fade your colour. Before the cold weather really sets in, restore the moisture with a treatment and shine, or vegetable colour, to bring back your hair to its natural healthiness.

A bold new colour, or just a lift with a vegetable colour, can make the winter blues disappear. You have battled against the sun trying to save your colour and keeping your hair looking as healthy as possibly – but now is the time to let loose! Combine your bold, shiny hair with a sleek blow dry to emphasise your shine. See our Special Offers.

Changing seasons mean changing hairstyles and wardrobes. You’re going to add layers to your body, so why not layer your hair as well? There’s no need to scrape your hair back to cool yourself down but with some new layers, putting your hair up for all those upcoming parties will soften your style and make it classically feminine. During the day, you will have a perfect, bouncy blow dry!


Achieved with Bensons Colour to Go