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Hair Color You’ll Dye For This Season

For Short Looks:

  • Flying colours
    • Permernant colour for a temporary look using one to three colours onto tips of hair
    • Adds texture and gives the appearance of sun lightened hair
  • Permanant colour for temporary holiday look
Summer Hair

Click photo to find out how to achieve this look!

For Long Curly Hair:

  • Scrunch colour
    • On curly hair apply colour to ends for that beach blonde effect, so you can wash and leave
    • Great for holiday hair!

Hair Care for Summer

Your hair and skin are the same ph balance, so always protect your hair the same as your skin! A hat is always best but not always practical. My summer tips are:

  1. Damp your hair before swimming or sun bathing
  2. Apply Tigi’s Serious Conditioner to lengths and ends, plait, tie up or put hair into a bun
  3. Re-apply throughout day
  4. For our evening look shampoo using ….
  5. Style for curly hair products …

Humid Hair

Curly hair does not do well in humid temperatures, so here are some top tips and looks to tame our wild curls with out the use of hair dryers and straighteners:

  • Tie hair back into a fish tail plait and/or bun
  • Let your hair dry during the afternoon and it will be be curly and controlled for a fabulous evening look!

Post Holiday Hair

You’ll get a 25% off a blow dry when you book a Bensons treatment, so give your hair the VIP treatment with this definitive restoration treatment for all hair types – especially needed after a holiday in the sun, sand and sea! A treatment helps to replenish your hair’s natural moisture which is key to maintaining healthy looking hair and reducing the appearance of frizz.

Colour to Go™ by Bensons

Ask Bensons about our special Colour to Go shine, which will lift your hair colour and shine your hair. This can be done in the salon or you can take one home with you!


Winter conditions are extremely harsh on both your hair and skin. This is caused by the damp conditions, cold temperatures and central heating, off of which tends to make our hair fly-away, frizzy and extra dry.

To combat all of this, you need to maintain your hair using good quality products. I recommend using a richer shampoo, a hydrating conditioner and applying a treatment once a week.

Treatment Tip
For our fine haired ladies, if you’re worried about overloading your hair, apply treatment to damp hair and then sit in a steamy environment e.g. bathroom or sauna/steam room for 20 minutes. Shampoo out, then condition normally.

I recommend Tigi’s Serious Conditioner with a shampoo to suit.

Always use a large tooth comb and always comb hair from the bottom and for coarse, tangly hair and always use a leave-in conditioner spray.

Style using a light oil (e.g. Wella) and apply only a small amount to lengths and ends avoiding your roots. This can be used before or after styling.

If using hair straighteners, I recommend always using Tigi’s Heat Protector.

Following this stratergy will ensure a healthy glossy head of winter hair!